Eldy is since 2006 the first software dedicated to the elderly.

the square - the main interface of ELDY

"the square" - the main interface of ELDY

Eldy brings elderly to use computer and to enjoy the internet revolution.

Eldy allows elderly to easy access all most important functions: email(any pop3/imap account), chat, browsing internet, weather, text editor, streaming and a lot more.

Eldy is freeware in Java and works on Linux and Windows.
Eldy has hundreds of thousands of elderly users worldwide.

Eldy is perpetual free of charge and free from commercials.

download ELDY 2.0 in English, French, Dutch and Italian

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-see Eldy cases page at epractice.eu

Let your senior enjoy the web and web 2.0 experience!


Wien 1-12-2008:

European Community :
“extraordinary innovation and creativity”

“Eldy package: over 150.000 older people are browsing the internet now making to the grandchildren all over the world, making to the friends , making to the business partners, thanks to the first software designed and developed specifically for seniors Citizens, and it is supplied free of charge”.

see the movie at Vimeo

skype writes about ELDY - the easy pc for seniors

skype writes about ELDY - the easy pc for seniors

It’s a great pleasure to see that skype has written about our project in the national official blog (sorry Italian only).

Eldy 2.0 has skype interface on the “useful” area, where it’ s possible to access to skype with BIG buttons and clear interface

Eldy, the computer for Elderly

Eldy, the computer for Elderly

what is Eldy for users (sorry, all in italian).

The square

The square

This is main screen of the software Eldy. This is THE SQUARE.

There are six bigs icons. On the top of screen there is mail. Here you can write, read and receive email. AllĀ  these operations are easy and intuitive. Then there is walk in internet: it allows to entry in web world! In the center of screen there is weather. Here you can see weather forecast. Then there is chat: it allows to communicate with other people. In this way you aren’t alone! At the bottom there is Eldy tv. Here you can see web video. At the end, there is useful. With this you can do some exercise to gain experience with mouse.

Enjoy with Eldy!!!

Eldy is a project to bring elderly to an enriching web and computer experience. Eldy is the name of the project, the name of the freeware software and the name of the no-profit organization behind the initiative. With Eldy senior can use email, browse the web, chat, get weather info, see digital pictures, streaming, etc, in a clear GUI, with big labels in a friendly language. Eldy is both easy and nice – so the experience is effective and entertaining. Eldy has over 150.000 users in Italy and is a fast growing community given the strategy of Local Public administration, that is strongly helping the diffusion of the software (i.e : over 1.400.000 cd’s are being distributed and a lot of training initiatives are being put on place).